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Inayan Serrada

Serrada literally translated means to close or to shut. Serrada is a medium to close range style emphasizing the use of blade or stick 18 to 26 inches in length. Responses or counters to strikes are primarily linear in fashion, with the main theory being to close in on an attacker's strike to shut down his or her power and speed. Serrada translates to both knife and open hand applications. Serrada is considered one of the most important styles within Inayan Eskrima because it bridges the gap between long and short range defensive counters and attacks. 


Inayan Kadena de Mano

Kaden de Mano literally translated means Chain of Hand. Kadena de Mano is the primary open hand and knife system within Inayan Eskrima. Kadena is one of the most complex styles taught within Inayan Eskrima due to its training drills and its ability to flow from one theory to another. Knife defenses, open hand counters, trapping skills and nerve strikes are cornerstones of this style.

Inayan Decuerdas

Decuerdas means, to cord. This style is based on reinforced weapon blocking and counter striking. Theories include parry, block, block and parry and weapon to weapon disarming. This is a basic but highly effective form of Eskrima. 

Inayan Sinawali

Sinawali translated means to weave. In this style two weapons, usually of equal length are used in set offensive and defensive patterns. From this the practioner is introduced to different theories of executing the same blocking and striking sequences. Sinawali is one of the primary ways that the left and right hands are taught to work in harmony and rhythm together. 


Panantukan is a Filipino method of boxing. Today's system of western boxing is said to have been heavily influenced by this method of Filipino open hand fighting. The major difference between the two boxing methods is target selection and the use of body movement. In Panantukan, the target often used is an attacker's limb and or supporting joint.

Inayan Espada y Daga

Espada y Daga - Possibly the most complex of all Inayan styles, Espada y Daga literally means sword and dagger. This is considered one of the mother arts of Eskrima. This style teaches the left and right hands to work not only together, but more importantly how to work independently of one another. Espada y Daga focuses on block counter while at the same time positioning an opponent into a trapped or locked position


Sikaran or kicking method used in Filipino martial arts again is often based on striking attacker's limbs. Low line kicks and or knees are employed in this style to subdue an attack. This style is often supported by the use of Kadena de Mano or Panantukan techniques.


Dumog is one of the traditional forms of Filipino grappling. Concepts and theories are used from this style and are supported by additional techniques from Japanese, Brazilian and western methods of wrestling and ground fighting.  When such techniques are used, proper respect and credit are given to the effective proven styles.

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