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From Double Stick, Single Stick, to Empty Hand Defense 

Learn to flow from one defense to the other in a 

Safe, Positive, Family Environment


Based in Campbell, California, we Welcome you to the Inayan Martial Arts Association website.


Eskrima, also known as Kali or Arnis, means to skirmish or fight and is unique as the student is introduced to weapons training immediately. From a traditional standpoint, this was so one with very little training could be effective in defending ones homeland.   


The techniques taught, translate directly into open hand defensive counters that can be deployed in almost every type of self defense situation. From open hand defense to being attacked by a weapon to multiple attackers, Inayan Eskrima provides realistic solutions to defending oneself.



     * Traditional Filipino Martial Arts                                      

     * Effective Open Hand and Edge Weapon Defense       

     * Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination through Reflexive Drills  

     * Builds confidence   

     * Stress Management                    

     * Weight Management               

     * Effective Self Defense                               





*** For a Free 1 Week Trial ***

Call Master Jon Ward at (408) 607-4625

Available to All Ages from 7 to 85
Call Master Ward Today 

and Give it a Try!

"As one of the most experienced Inayan Eskrima Instructors in the world, Pangulong Guro Jon Ward brings a very high level of professionalism and knowledge to any training.  With his unique mix of practicality, humor and technical knowhow, all opportunities to receive his training will bring out the best Martial Art practitioner no matter what style or level.  I strongly suggest any and all levels to attend his classes."    

- Suro Emanuel Hart

Instructors (Guros)

Our Instructors (Guros) strive towards Your Personal Excellence.

Our Senior Students in Action - read about the dynamics of our styles.


Can't find a time that works for you, call to schedule a private session.

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Weekdays from 4 - 9:30pm

Available for demonstrations and Seminars.

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